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We are a community of creatives dedicated to making essential oils and natural living less overwhelming by inspiring, empowering, and equipping you to make practical, sustainable changes to live a happier, healthier life.

It started with a few friends sharing recipes and tips on how to rid our homes of toxins, keep our families healthy, and even support our stressed out hormones. Together, between diaper changes and sleepless nights, we discovered and learned how to use essential oils. It has been a fun, natural progression that quickly grew into the community we have today. While our mission remains the same, the diapers and sleepless nights quickly became sports practices, homework, and big kids! Our top priority is, and always has been our children and families. While each of us individually are dedicated busy parents, together we are here to help inspire you to start your journey, without overwhelm.

Happy Friends

The Collab

Beyond practical designs and simple recipes, community is a big part of our mission, which is where the idea for our vendor list was born. What is the The Collab List exactly? A directory of dedicated essential oil affiliates and natural living creators with fresh ideas and inspiring stories that we’re honored to call part of our community.


Kristin O'Reilly


As an avid essential oil user, Kristin is passionate about helping people make their homes healthier, more peaceful, healing places to live. After years of sharing her natural wellness solutions with friends and family she saw the need to make the basics of essential oils and DIY easier and less overwhelming. Kristin's passion for natural health coupled with her graphic design background inspired her to create  designs that are both beautiful and practical. Originally intended for her oil business, the Oils Collaborative organically evolved into the design and education-focused resource it is today.

Kristin currently resides in Tennesee with her husband Christopher, their three children, and their sweet pup Rosie. She enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, and the peace and beauty in creating a simple life.

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