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I wasn’t always the “crazy oil lady”— as my kids affectionately call me. I was just your average newlywed trying to get by, stay in shape, and start a family. While I had always been “healthy” by societal standards, reoccurring minor health issues covered up by quick-fix prescriptions over the years eventually lead to bigger problems in adulthood. It was a hypothyroid diagnosis and lifetime prescription that lead me to reevaluate my life choices, seek a more natural approach to health, and even consider the possibility of healing.

After a complete diet overhaul, my husband and I set out to clean up other areas of our life. Amidst the chaos of a growing family, we started switching out conventional household and personal care items for homemade, natural alternatives. I was making a homemade toothpaste for my toddlers when I realized the label on the spearmint essential oil bottle said “Not for Ingestion.” That sent me on a quest to find a truly pure essential oil that I felt comfortable using on my family. I’ve been using Young Living Essential Oils ever since. I had no idea that oils could do more than just make my homemade products smell nice, but quickly learned how to use them to support everything from our health to emotions. As for those toddlers I was just making toothpaste for … they’re quickly becoming young adults and I’m thrilled to have safe, non-toxic options to help their bodies thrive as they grow. I am constantly amazed at how powerful and versatile these products are!


As it turns out essential oils are having a moment — a revival, actually. Our community began when a  few friends started sharing recipes and tips on how to rid our homes of toxins, keep our families healthy, and even support our crazy hormones. It has been a fun, natural progression that quickly grew into this beautiful community we have today! Together, we have made this natural oily life simple, beautiful, and fun. When you join Young Living with the Oils Collaborative, you'll get access to team-exclusive guides, classes, and more. Connect with others in our social media communities, share education, and join mentorships with some of our top leaders. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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