Replace harsh chemicals with naturally-derived cleaners that work and smell amazing. Essential oils work wonders for toxic-free cleaning. Whether you want to make your own products or simply swap them for safer, natural alternatives you’ll receive the guidance and resources to make every simple swap.



Tired all the time? Need a boost? Ditch the dangerous energy drinks. Essential oils and quality nutrition can be an effective, healthier option.



Clean up your nutrition with the highest quality bio-available, food-sourced supplements on the market. When quality supplements are infused with pure essential oils you get superior absorption and higher vibe living.



When combined with a proper diet and exercise, essential oils may help manage weight, create feelings of satiety, support metabolic activity, and provide nutritional support. Be inspired to eat well, move well, and support your body to reach your goals.


Reveal your natural glow with essential oils. Learn to make your own, simple oil-infused personal care supplies. Cleanse, nourish, and moisturize with formulas free from harsh, damaging chemicals. Ditch the hormone-disrupting makeup for a luxurious line of natural pigments that are gorgeous, easy to apply, and keep your skin and hormones happy.



Essential oils can directly effect the limbic system and can play an important role in working through grief, trauma, and even dealing with everyday stress. Promote peaceful thoughts and spiritual harmony through mindful practices with essential oils.



Oils can be an empowering tool for parents of children young and old. From sleep to immune support and everything in between. Learn to use essential oils safely with children of all ages.


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Click here to join now. You’ll be directed to Young Living’s website to order your starter kit. To start, make sure “Member” is checked — this is how you get the starter kit and your 24% discount on any additional oil purchases. Don't click “retail." This is important. No starter kits here, and you pay more!

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If you were referred here by a friend, enter their member number when you click the link above or find them on our team page here to get their link. The default number of 3266869 belongs to Kristin O’Reilly. If you accidentally sign up with the default link, contact us with the name and email of your friend that referred you and we’ll get it straightened out!

2. Choose your Premium Starter Kit

Choose from the Premium Starter Kit with 12 oils, plus your choice of a diffuser, samples, and information to get you started! There’s also a NingXia Red, Thieves Home Cleaning, or Savvy Minerals Starter Kits. All of them get you the wholesale membership and some seriously awesome products! Not sure which to choose? Learn about each kit here or contact us. Check the little box that says to use it as your first Essential Rewards order. You get $10 back in account credit and a the 100 PV promo FREE this month!

3. Essential Rewards

This is not required, but it is SO WORTH IT. It’s like a Costco, meets Amazon Subscribe-and-Save, meets your cash back credit card, only better … seriously! A super fun and affordable way to ditch and switch the toxins from your home. This is where you can add more products if you want to customize your essential rewards right away. This is optional. You can choose “Customize your kit” and add on anything else you’d like to order.

We highly recommend Super C Chewable tablets ($32 — immunity during this time of year) and Thieves Household Cleaner ($22 —the only household cleaner we use for everything. It makes 40-50 spray bottles).

4. Set Up Your Account

This is where you’ll enter all your member information and check out to purchase your kit! When you get to commission processing info, click Individual without Social Security Number unless you would like to do the business. (No worries if you don't know for sure, you can always add your tax info later.) Check that you have read the Terms and Conditions and click click Agree and Continue to enter your payment and checkout!


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