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Hi!! I’m Michelle, a native to Downingtown, who’s managed to amass a long list of labels in my thirty-odd years on this earth (as I’m sure you have too!). My favorite is mother, followed in no particular order by wife, corporate world warrior, doula, charity founder, crochet artist, reiki practitioner, and spiritual truth seeker. This means I rarely stop, as I’m sure you don’t either, but it’s also why I so desperately needed oils in my life!

With this much going on, who’s got time for the common cold? Or the latest stomach bug? Or to cash in more of your vacation time for doctor visits? Or time to stare at grocery store labels to find personal care and cleaning products that are safe for our kids? Or time to cut coupons so healthy living doesn’t break the bank? Ain’t nobody got time for any of that! 

Young Living answered my prayers during a particularly overwhelming phase of my life and showed me the power of nature’s oils to heal, soothe, calm, and clean dozens of life’s daily woes. With a full range of top quality, responsibly-sourced, safe and therapeutic products that they’d ship right to my door (at a discount and with fun freebies) guess who suddenly had time to dust off our family scrapbooks? And energy for one more game with the kids? And guess who met a community of like-minded supportive soul sisters? And did it all without spending more? 

Essential oils brought me empowerment, health, joy, community, and time in ways I never thought possible. I can promise you they do more than smell good, they’re life changing. Join us and discover how!!  

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