December 2020 Promotions from Young Living

December promotions from Young Living are here and we’re wrapping up 2020 with some incredible freebies—we’re gifting everyone on our list Young Living this year and keeping these freebies for ‘Santa.’

Before we get to gushing about this month's promos, lmake sure you're ordering the very best way—with Essential Rewards (ER). ER is Young Living's monthly wellness box subscription. To learn more about how you can earn points on your purchases and get all these monthly promotions, visit our Essential Rewards page or check out the video below.

Now, let’s talk about these awesome freebies Young Living is gifting us this month.

➕ 300 PV TIER (+ everything listed below)


Every year Young Living figures out a way to give us free Frankincense and they didn’t disappoint this year! Go look at the price of this oil and you’ll realize why getting the BIG bottle of Frankincense is the best promotion EVER!!!!!! (FYI you can get the promos TWICE! Once with an Essential Rewards order and once with a Shop order).

Frankincense keeps us healthy - apply it to your spine and soles of feet daily. It’s also an incredible oil for your brain. Frankincense activates the part of your brain that does logical thinking versus emotional thinking. The pineal gland in your brain loves Frankincense so this happens to be a fantastic oil for supporting your hormones since the production of hormones starts in the brain. The pineal gland produces melatonin and serotonin—no wonder Frankincense is also GREAT for sleep! Your skin will also LOVE when you put Frankincense on at night. Fine lines? Wrinkles? Not a chance… not when you are rubbing Frankincense on your face. Mix it into your Bloom or Art Moisturizer or add it to a glow serum.

➕ 250 PV TIER (+ everything listed below)


This adorable portable, palm-sized travel diffuser is crafted with ceramic stone and bamboo wood, it has a simple sleek look that will complement any decor! At only 7.62 cm in diameter, it will fit in your travel bag or car quite easily. To use, simply add 3-5 drops of oil directly on the ceramic surface. Pack this portable diffuser as you head over the river and through the woods this winter, whether you’re visiting grandmother’s house or a cozy cabin retreat. Or use this as a next-level holiday hostess gift!

** There’s a limited number of these adorable diffusers. If your order is placed after the supply is gone, YL will add 30 ER points to your account instead. If you’re set on claiming one for yourself, be sure to process your ER order ASAP.

➕ 190 PV TIER (+ everything listed below)


Did you know the ENTIRE tree is in the bottle of Northern Lights Black Spruce (NLBS)—from needle to root? And the oil in this bottle comes from trees that sit under the magical Northern Lights at our farm in Fort Nelson. Traditionally, Black Spruce trees have been believed to possess the frequency of prosperity! (Yes, please! I will take a gallon.) Apply this oil to the bottoms of feet and top of head for emotional support. It promotes calm, strength, resilience, grounding, motivation, and inspiration. Diffuse it with Orange and Frankincense during the day and and with Valor at night. Apply it to skin for fine lines around the eye area, it’s very hydrating, especially in the winter. Diffusing NLBS reduces dryness in the air… and increases hydration. If it’s winter and the heater is on, you’ll wake up without a dry nose/throat! Men love to use this manly, woodsy-smelling oil as cologne. Apply it to hair or beard for moisture and shine! Apply to chest and upper back to support healthy, open breathing. Apply it over the heart chakra to feel love. Oh, and did you know that joints love NLBS? Whereas insects apparently do NOT! Apply over kidneys to help you manage fears that come up in daily life.


Typically this blend only comes in a roller… we’re so excited to see this exclusive blend in a 15ml bottle so we can diffuse it now, too! This is your best friend when it comes to open, clear breathing—if you have the roller, you know. The proprietary Breathe Again blend includes Peppermint, Myrtle, and Copaiba with four different types of eucalyptus—including Eucalyptus Blue grown on Young Living’s Ecuador farm. These are all oils that your lungs ADORE! Put a few drops on the floor of the shower as you start the water for a spa-like, lung-opening experience! Jump-start the morning by applying the rejuvenating scent on your sinuses or under your nose. Diffuse in bedrooms at night and living spaces during the day. Apply generously to chest and neck as desired for clear, easy breathing!

➕ 100 PV TIER

Free shipping! To get free shipping with 100pv+ orders, you must select the “Economy Shipping” option from the shipping drop down box during checkout.

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