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DIY Reed Diffuser

We all love our diffusers, but what about those places in your home where there’s no electric outlet or you just want a mild scent?

Reed diffusers are one of our favorite DIY projects these days, we love their versatility and they make the perfect gift! Reed diffusers are a form of passive diffusion using evaporation for a gentle, long-lasting scent.

Many reed diffusers on the market today are made with unknown fragrances or inauthentic essential oils cut with fillers or synthetics. Making your own reed diffuser with pure essential oils is an economical way to ensure your home smells good without costing you your health.

To make your own reed diffuser you’ll need a narrow neck glass bottle (or repurpose an empty 5ml, 15 ml, or glass bottle), wood rattan reeds, carrier oil, essential oils, and vodka or rubbing alcohol.

DIY Reed Diffuser

1/4 cup Carrier Oil

25 drops Essential Oils of Choice

1/4 cup Vodka or Rubbing Alcohol

To make the reed diffuser oil, combine carrier oil with essential oils, mix in alcohol, and gently swirl to combine. Use this mixture to fill your bottle, pop in your reeds and allow them to soak it up for at least 1 hour. Flip the reeds over so the saturated end is up. Flip the reeds occasionally to revive the smell. Replace the oil mixture every few weeks, if it evaporates, or the scent fades.


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