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Easy DIY Winter Chest Rub

Trying to stay well this season? Most commercial chest rubs contain petrolatum (a derivative of petroleum), turpentine oil, and synthetic fragrances — where a whole host of toxic chemicals can hide without your knowledge!

Who needs a host of toxic chemicals when all you need is a little coconut oil and pure essential oils? When you have a pesky runny nose that makes its way to the chest, it's time to get proactive and whip up this easy, powerful chest rub.

DIY Winter Chest Rub

25 drops* R.C. essential oil blend

10 drops* Eucalyptus Globulous essential oil

10 drops* Orange essential oil

Scoop coconut oil into a bowl and add essential oils. Mix with a fork or electric mixer to combine and make the coconut oil soft and fluffy. Store in a glass jar.

To use apply to chest and back of neck. Consistency is key! Apply as needed.

Bonus Tip: Raven paired with R.C. in the diffuser is amazing!

* This is the ADULT dilution, adjust dilution for individual needs. For babies and children under 2, dilute heavily and do not apply to the chest.


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