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How to Print our Label and Card Files on a Home Printer

Congratulations, you've downloaded one of our printable files and you're ready to print! There's several way to print our printable files; you'll love the flexibility! If you're printing from a home printer, we've provided a pre-formatted PDF file for the easiest experience.

We recommend using the pre-formatted PDF file and printing on 8.5” x 11” cardstock (for cards) or 8.5” x 11” full sheet label paper (for all labels) and trimming to size. Here’s how to print PDF card or label files on a home printer:

1. Download and unzip the purchased artwork files to your computer hard drive.

2. Open the PDF file. Oils Collaborative PDF templates are pre-formatted so you don’t have to worry about importing or laying out the artwork on your sheet.

3. Place 8.5” x 11” cardstock or label paper in your printer tray. Set printer settings to scale at 100% or “actual size” and adjust the paper settings for the type of paper used. For best results, set printer quality to “Best” or “Premium.” Printers settings vary, please refer to your printer manual for additional help.

4. In your PDF reader program, choose Print and select the pages you want to print—print them all at once or choose the individual pages you prefer. Be sure that your print settings in the Printer Dialog box are set to"Actual Size" or at 100%. DO NOT choose “Fit to Page” or your artwork will not print at the advertised size.

5. Print as many copies of the card or labels that you want and trim them to size. Enjoy!


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