January 2021 Promotions from Young Living

Happy New Year and cheers to a fresh 2021! Young Living is kick-starting this new year with some amazing skin-loving, happy-hormones, and comforting oil freebies with your qualifying order. The possibilities are endless with these oils in your stash, don’t miss getting these five (5!!!!) free oils this month!

Before we get to gushing about this month's promos, make sure you're ordering the very best way—with Essential Rewards (ER). ER is Young Living's monthly wellness box subscription. To learn more about how you can earn points on your purchases and get all these monthly promotions, visit our Essential Rewards page or check out the video below.

Now, let’s talk about these awesome freebies Young Living is gifting us this month.

➕ 300 PV TIER (+ everything listed below)


This floral oil is a must-have for your skin care and detox routine. Add it to your moisturizer for radiant, dewy, even-toned skin or use it to make our favorite Glow Roller. Deciding to add dry brushing to your new year health routine? Try putting some Geranium on your skin before you brush!! All you ladies out there—your hormones will THANK YOU when you use Geranium! Apply it topically around the inside of the ankles for happy hormones. We love pairing it with Sacred Mountain or Citronella for a great deodorant. Some people even add geranium to their hot tubs instead of chlorine!

Aromatically, the smell of Geranium helps release negative emotions (it's not surprising why you see Geranium in many of our Feelings Kit blends). Diffuse it for a happy mood and feelings of peace and hope! Emotionally, this oil releases negative memories and fears of abandonment to promote self-acceptance and uplift the spirit. Also, check out the interesting research about Geranium and liver/pancreas/bile ducts in your reference guide.

➕ 250 PV TIER (+ everything listed below)


Sometimes we need a little help to create radiant skin in the wintertime. Enter, Manuka! Another amazing skin oil, Manuka has very similar properties to Tea Tree but with a completely different aroma. A little bit woodsy and thicker to the touch. Blemish prone skin? Combine Manuka with our Acne Treatment and you’re all set. It’s also wonderful for a healthy scalp - add a couple drops to your shampoo. Diffuse it for a warm, calming aroma!

Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about Manuka and how it is grown and harvested. Did you know it comes from New Zealand?

➕ 190 PV TIER (+ everything listed below)


Another skin oil … this one if for all the GLOW! Mix Mastrante with your favorite YL moisturizer or add a few drops to your Glow Roller! The smell of this oil is grounding, calming, and relaxing. It’s also been called the cousin of Peppermint… so you know its your belly’s best friend (perfect after a long holiday season of indulgences). Take it with you to inhale if you’re driving on windy roads. Mastrante is very high in limonene (look that one up!) and it's one of the oils in the popular Loyalty Blend that you receive after your ER anniversary!

ORANGE, 15ML (ER Exclusive)

This is our HAPPY oil! Seriously, it’s like sunshine in a bottle. Orange smells good paired with just about any other oil, and it’s a kid-favorite in diffusers and rollers. Our favorite orange-inspired diffuser blends are:

  • Orange + Joy in the daytime

  • Orange + Cedarwood + Dream Catcher at night

  • Orange + Northern Lights Black Spruce + Valor in the office!

Orange is a great oil to add to DIY sprays and roll-ons… you can never have too much Orange! Add a drop of Orange to your Thieves toothpaste and it acts as a natural tooth whitener, too.

*Note: Orange is a photosensitive oil, so avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 48 hours after applying it.

TEA TREE, 15ML (ER Exclusive)

A staple for every home, your oil collection is not complete without this oil. Tea Tree is great for all things skin—for blemish-prone skin, for healthy scalps, massaged into dry heels, etc. Add it to your cleaning routine, too. A few drops in your washing machine, garbage can, or diaper pail to remove odors and perfect sprayed on those pesky spots in the shower. Aromatically, Tea Tree, cleanses the air and has a refreshing aroma. Try this trio out: 4 drops Tea Tree, 4 drops Rosemary, and 5 drops Lemon essential oil for a yummy-smelling and purifying experience.

**Tea tree essential oil is considered a dangerous good. Shipping restrictions will apply for some locations.

➕ 100 PV TIER

Free shipping! To get free shipping with 100pv+ orders, you must select the “Economy Shipping” option from the shipping drop down box during checkout.

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