Live Clean Series 2020

One of the easiest, healthiest changes you can make in 2020 is to ditch the toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances in your home. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that the air in our homes is polluted and poses a serious threat to our health. Studies have directly linked the rise of degenerative disease in our country to our exposure to harmful chemicals in our air, homes, water, and food.

This is your year to make a change for the better! Switching to safe and healthy products has never been simpler! Make 2020 your year of peace-of-mind and turn your home into a place of refuge and restoration, free from contaminates and products that harm your health.

Join the Oils Collaborative Community for a monthly Live Clean Series — We’re taking 2020 to get organized, ditch the harmful ingredients that are polluting your air and hijacking your health, and replacing them with safe, natural alternatives that are better for you, for everyone in your home, and the environment, too!

We’ll focus on one are of your home to ditch and switch each month. Gather with us monthly as a community to do this together! Check our Events page or Facebook events for dates, locations, and details.

Essential oils made simple.


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