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Oil Spotlight: Gathering

When life seems chaotic, it’s time to grab Gathering essential oil blend. This powerful, little-known blend doesn’t get near enough spotlight! With so much confusion and chaos around us these days, we could all use a little more focus and clarity, and Gathering can help you do just that.

Gathering Essential Oil Blend

Gathering essential oil blend was created to help us rise above the chaotic energies and stress in our world; to help us find focus and keep us on our path to our higher purpose. It contains the sacred oils of Galbanum, Frankincense, and Sandalwood to help bring greater harmonic frequency to the body and mind. Lavender brings concentration, Geranium opens and elevates the mind, Ylang Ylang restores confidence, Spruce brings grounding, Cinnamon to release spite, and Rose to create balance, harmony, and bring love and joy to the heart. This powerful emotional blend helps bring us together on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level for greater focus and clarity.

We love Gathering in the diffuser, but it’s even better in a roller and applied throughout the day.

How to Use It

  • Use this blend in a diffuser to start your day or during mediation or prayer.

  • Apply 2-4 drops to the palm of you hands, rub together, cup over nose, and inhale deeply several times.

  • Apply 1-2 drops to the edge of ears, wrists, neck, temples, or along the spine using a Raindrop Technique.

  • Add 2-4 drops to 1-2 cups of Epsom salt and add to a warm bath.

A few years ago, we had just moved with three kids ages 7 and under, my business was taking off, and we were undertaking huge renovations on our new fixer-upper. It’s my personality to take on too much, something I’m slowly learning to keep in check. Nonetheless, at that time I was very overwhelmed and an emotional mess. I got an iTovi scan from my friend @wellfolkrevival and Gathering came up for me. I laughed because it was the end of summer, all my kids were home, and I was not exactly enjoying our 24/7 time together. When I got home that day, I looked the blend up in my reference guide and it wasn’t at all what I expected. Gathering essential oil blend is to help you gather yourself—a sign it was time to pull myself together!

I ordered that oil and let me tell you, I HATED the smell of it. Could not stand diffusing it or applying it topically. There’s an old wives tale that if you’re repulsed by an oil you probably need it, and boy did I need to pull it together. I hesitantly used the oil for a few weeks and then set it on my shelf never to open it again because I had disliked it so much. Life went on; I’ve done some serious personal work and have learned to manage my emotions better than that tough time years ago. Fast forward to 2020, with all of the stress and chaos we’re facing recently, I hesitantly pulled that oil off my shelf to add to our diffuser rotation. I was so shocked when I diffused this time—it did not smell anything like I remember! In fact, I now LOVE the smell and have been diffusing it daily. I believe Gathering was just the push I needed to start healing emotionally. I continue to use it now, especially when life starts to feel overwhelming. So if you’re finding an oil not so enticing, do a little research and see what emotions or benefits that oil is associated with—it may be your sign that it’s time to do some work.
- Kristin O.

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