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Oil Spotlight: Gratitude

It’s the season of gratitude! This is one of our absolute favorite oils that we should all be using throughout the year, not just when November rolls around. It makes an incredible diffuser blend for celebrations and used as a perfume, but in our opinion, is even better used aromatically and topically during prayer or meditation.

Gratitude Essential Oil Blend

Gratitude essential oil blend is an incredible blend of Balsam Canada, Frankincense, Coriander, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Vetiver, and Geranium essential oils designed to bring relief to the body while helping to foster a grateful attitude. This blend contains powerful emotional oils that relax the body so the heart and mind can be opened. It helps us release the emotions of sorrow, anger, obsession, and resentment helping to release old patterns we developed from not feeling safe to be ourselves and removing us from a state of stress. Gratefullness is the way out—when we find gratefulness for even the most difficult situations, we are able to release them and move with strength into the present. You are not your past, but your past has made you who you uniquely are. Have gratitude for the strength and knowledge gleaned through all life’s circumstances so you an be open to receive the gifts of each day.

How to Use It

Gratitude essential oil blend can be used aromatically or topically.

  • Use this blend in a diffuser during celebrations or during mediation or prayer.

  • Apply 2-4 drops to the palm of you hands, rub together, cup over nose, and inhale deeply several times.

  • Combine 2-4 drops with about 2 cups of Epsom salts and add to a warm bath.

  • Apply topically behind the ears, over the heart, on the wrists, on the back of the neck, or at the base of the spine.


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