New Name, Same Community

Bloom + Blossom Collective is now the Oils Collaborative

If you’re on social media, you may have noticed our new name and look this month. We’re excited to announce that the Bloom + Blossom Collective is now the Oils Collaborative!

We launched the Bloom + Blossom Collective in 2017 — we needed a community to get our people plugged into as our team grew, so we whipped something together. About a year later we felt as though we needed to rebrand, to choose a name that really fit what our community was all about, to find a brand that was cohesive and reflected what we wanted you to get out of being part of this community. So, after dreaming, brainstorming, and of lots of hard work, we’re so excited to announce that we have a new name and website!

As social media has changed and our community has grown, there have been many requests from our members to find information in one, easily accessible area. It became more apparent with each new member that a central place for information, resources, and news needed to be somewhere other than just social media. With this in mind, we redesigned and launched a new website and revamped our social media outlets to serve you better! Here’s what’s new and where you can all of the information you need to make oiling a simple, natural transition in your life.


We’ve set up this new website with a member’s only area for you to easily find the tools you need to use your oils and Young Living products. The site is a work in progress that we’re committed to building into a fantastic library of information for you — so please stay tuned as we make your member experience simple, fun, and beautiful! Check back here often for the most up-to-date news here on our blog, or login to our Member's Portal to download the latest printable, watch a class, or to refresh how to use your Premium Starter Kit. There’s also a comprehensive Oiling Essentials with all of our favorites like carrier oil recommendations and oiling accessories. Don’t miss the Team Resources section where you'll find printable labels, make and take directions, class scripts and graphics, and other oiling fun for you to download and use!


Follow along with us on Instagram as we share oily tips, diffuser inspiration, and product info. Have friends asking about your oils? Send them here and give us a like, then give them your member link to get started and plug them into our website and community when they join! Tag your oily photos #oilscollaborative so we can find you. We love to hear and learn from you … and we may even feature your post on our site!


Not on Instagram? You can follow along with us on our Facebook page, too! Have friends asking about your oils? Send them here and give us a like, then give them your member link to get started and plug them into our website and community when they join!

Facebook Community

One of the best things about Young Living is the community! Oil party with us in our Facebook community. Ask questions, share your favorite products and successes, and join in on contests and fun to win FREE products and accessories! Add any friends that join with your member link so they can join in the fun and learn to use their oils, too!

We hope to continue to serve you and help you succeed on your oily journey.

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