September 2020 Promotions from Young Living

We’re not sure if we’re surprised or relieved that it’s already September, but here we are, ready to embrace a new month and new routines! September promotions from Young Living are here and they are just what we all need to make keep our homes, minds, and bodies in balance as we transition into a new season.

Before we dig into September’s promos, we’ve got an extra exciting announcement — we've been asking for it and it's finally here! Starting September 1st, all U.S. members will get FREE SHIPPING on any order of 100 PV or more—that includes Shop and ER orders. Here’s the details

Now, let’s talk about the other awesome freebies Young Living is gifting us this.

➕ 300 PV TIER (+ everything listed below)


This oil should really be in every oily medicine cabinet. Grab your resource books and look this one up to learn all the amazing benefits! This powerful blend contains Basil (relaxes muscles), Lavender (calms + balances the body), Marjoram (more calming and relaxing for muscles, especially those that constrict and result in headaches), Roman Chamomile (relaxes + relieves tension), and Helichrysum (cleanse the blood and chelates heavy metals and toxins out of the brain).

Use it by applying it topically on your temples, shoulders, and neck for occasional tension and massaged on your feet at night for some sweet sleep and to keep your feeling healthy, too. Great aromatically in a diffuser or deep breath to inhale the scent. When you’re feeling like hiding in a dark room, pop this oil in the diffuser, rub it on your temples, and take a quick nap! You’ll bounce back in no-time!

Here’s a great video with more details on how to use M-Grain.


Minty-fresh breath isn’t worth the dyes and preservatives that conventional brands are littered with. Freshen up after meals with naturally-derived Cinnamon and Peppermint-infused mini mints.Our favorite way to use these is when traveling or in crowds.

Here’s a short video to learn more about Thieves Mints!

➕ 250 PV TIER (+ everything listed below)


Style up your snacks. Trade single-use takeout carriers and plastic bags for this heather gray, paint-splattered cooler that’s easy to tote and even easier to coordinate with every outfit.

NOTE — Heart set on getting this freebie this month? Place your order EARLY in the month! Young Living suppliers for this item didn’t receive enough raw materials to make as many as YL ordered, so when they’re out, they’re OUT! (If you place a 250 PV order and this is out you will receive 30 ER points instead)

➕ 190 PV TIER


So much goodness in this oil, one you definitely need in your arsenal! Add Copaiba to any other oil to enhance the properties and absorption of that oil. Apply it topically to tired muscles after a workout and to your face for healthier looking skin. You can even add Copaiba Vitality to water and honey and *voila * you have a wonderful tea. What’s it good for? So many things we had to make a list!

  • Make a healthy mouth gargle with 3-5 drops in warm water or 3-5 drops in spoon of honey for sore throat

  • Rub on gums for pain (teething + braces)

  • Apply topically or take internally to reduce inflammation

  • Protects nerve cells against damage, degeneration, or impairment of function

  • Pain reliever

  • Great for skin—disorders, insect bites, etc.

  • Helpful for stress-induced gastric ulcers (including horses with ulcers)

  • Add a few drops to NingXia Red for overall wellness

  • Combine with Sacred Frankincense for an amazing combination that will help keep your emotions at an even keel.

Learn more about Copaiba here.


Young Living’s exclusive blend, Purification, is for all purifying all the things — smells, breakouts, and pests in the air (thank you Citronella). Diffuse it throughout your home or use a more targeted approach for all the smells life throw at you—home, car, laundry, or even on-the-go! Use it to make an outdoor spray for you and your pets, spray it on beds to freshen sheets (bye-bye dust mites), add it to your wool dryer balls for laundry that’s extra fresh, and even on feet! Purification is also great used as spot treatment on breakout and for your emotions if those breakout are making you angry.

Here’s a quick video all about this incredible blend.

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