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Smudge Diffuser Blend & Smudge Spray

A new year always brings fresh energy and after the crazy year that has passed, this year’s energy seems stronger than ever. We’re reflecting on all the good that came out of the past year, but are also ready to leave the bad behind.

We’ve been hearing a lot about smudging lately. Smudging is a traditional ceremony common to Indigenous healing and shamanic traditions, used for purifying or cleansing negative energy. Every culture has its own way of smudging or clearing energy and healing on all levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Traditionally the elements of water, earth, light, and air are used. It’s a beautiful, in depth process. Some simply smudge by lighting a smudge stick (usually a bundle of herbs like sage) to create a smolder and guiding the smoke to specific parts of the home or parts of the body.

We’re not experts on this practice by any means but love the idea of using plant energy to clear away the negative—and we have essential oils that can do just that! Inspired by these ancient practices, we created this Smudge essential oil blend to diffuse, make into a roller or a spray to help clear away negative energy and make way for the new.

Smudge Diffuser Blend

3 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Sage essential oil

2 drops Palo Santo or Cedarwood essential oil

Add essential oils to your diffuser with water.

Smudge Stick Roller

Supplies & Ingredients

10 ml roller bottle

10 Lavender

5 Sage

5 Cedarwood or Palo Santo

Carrier oil of choice


Add essential oils to roller bottle and top with carrier oil of choice.

Suggested Use

Apply topically to areas of the body where you feel negativity or stagnant energy, avoiding the eyes and sensitive mucous membranes.

Smudge Spray

Supplies & Ingredients

Pinch of sea salt or 1 teaspoon organic witch hazel

15 drops Lavender essential oil

15 drops Sage essential oil

10 drops Palo Santo or Cedarwood essential oil

Distilled water


Drop sea salt or witch hazel in spray bottle. Add essential oil and swirl gently to combine. Top with distilled water.

Suggested Use

Spray in areas of your home, workspace, or car to clear negative energy. Can also be used topically on areas of the body or as a perfume.


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