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Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie Owsiany! I’m a mom of two, wife, daughter, sister, runner, writer, and oiler. Like most of us these days, I juggle a lot of things, but I’m very blessed to be home with my kids and prioritize my family while also getting to do so many things I love! 


I joined Young Living in January of 2017 when I was searching for ways to bring natural health and wellness to my family. The first thing I wanted to do was have options to turn to when my kids were sick. I was tired of feeling like I needed to take them to the doctor to make sure they were okay, only to be sent home with a prescription or that icky pink medicine. My second priority was my own health. After receiving some diagnoses, and again being put on prescriptions that I was told I would need to take the rest of my life, I knew there had to be better options and I was determined to find them.


I was familiar with essential oils but had not used them much and wasn’t really sure what all they could do. I had met Kristin O’Reilly and knew she was with Young Living. I did some of my own research and talked to her about what she was using oils for and why she chose Young Living. I knew I needed options, and my gut told me to trust Kristin and Young Living. My gut was right! I took the plunge, got my kit, and haven’t looked back since. 


For the past two years my family and I have been on amazing journey using Young Living’s oils and products to improve our health, get rid of the chemicals in our home, and share what we have learned with others. I’m so excited for anyone who is considering this lifestyle! The community you will find here is filled with knowledge, experience and hope, and we welcome and support you! 

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