Amy Gallagher

New Holland, PA

Member #17513958

Hello! My name is Amy. I am married to Patrick and have three children; Alexis, Ryan, Courtney, and a dog named Georgia. For the majority of my adult life, I have struggled with my weight, insomnia, poor gut health, migraines, and depression. I desperately tried many ways to lose weight and better my health to no avail. I couldn't understand why it was such a struggle for me. Last year, I hit rock bottom. My hormones were out of whack and I was insulin resistant. I began researching and became more aware of all the products that I was putting ON and IN my body which could be contributing to my poor health. I changed my diet by eating more natural, healthier foods. I cut out sugar, starches, and processed foods. I switched all my cleaning products to Thieves cleaner. I started trying sample oils given to me from family. It didn’t take long for me to decide that I wanted to use Young Living products to support me with my health concerns, body, mind, and spirit. I lost 50 pounds! No more migraines. Gut health improved. I sleep like a baby. I am happier and have more energy. I am still a work in progress, but for once in my life I feel in control of my health. I continue to learn and educate myself every day. I thank God for having people in my life who love and encourage me to be a better version of myself. My daughter, Lexi, and sister-in-law, Kelly, have been amazing support and I thank them for caring enough about me to make me see my worth. I promise to be that person to everyone I meet and to share my love, my story, my success. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. Let’s journey together and explore ways to better our health and the people we love most.


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Amy Gallagher

Member #17513958