Kelly Miller

Elverson, PA

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When my boys were babies I became concerned with the food we were eating and the products we were using in our home. We made small changes at first which turned into major lifestyle changes. It’s been a slow, ongoing, non-perfect evolution that we work on everyday. Essential oils were something I was curious about, but honestly, I was clueless and not sure where to start or which to trust. My friend, Kristin, and I talked often about oils and luckily she found and introduced me to Young Living. It was like a whole new world was opened up to me, they were the missing piece in my quest for natural alternatives. I could make so many of the products I was scared to buy, I knew what was in them, and it was a great feeling! As I became more comfortable I started using oils beyond skin care and cleaning and loved that I was able to support my family’s health, emotional needs, and overall wellness. I am continually amazed by the power of these little bottles and all that Young Living has to offer. They have greatly improved my family’s life.

Besides being obsessed with oils, I am a photographer, have a soft spot for old things and anything handmade, love camping and hiking with my family (and puppies), and love supporting others in their wellness journeys and ditching the chemicals!


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Kelly Miller

Member #3578391