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Every month Young Living gives you FREE products when you order a certain PV amount. These freebies will come with your qualifying order. The promotions marked *ER Exclusive are for those of us on Essential Rewards (ER). Just another reason to be on ER — no commitment, customize your order every month, AND earn points back to get free products! It’s the most convenient, economical, and best way to order — you’d be silly to order oils without it! Learn more about Essential Rewards here.

With Thanksgiving this month, we’re giving you a few more reasons to be thankful. Inside November’s PV promo, you’ll find 10 Essential Rewards points, soothing Lavender Lip Balm, fall-favorite Thieves, and three inspirational blends to get you in the holiday spirit.

➕ 300 PV TIER (everything else listed below is also included)


Hope essential oil blend (5 ml): Hope is essential for moving forward in life. Hopelessness can cause loss of vision, goals, and dreams. This blend will help you to reconnect with a feeling of strength and grounding, restoring hope for tomorrow. Uplift and inspire. Diffuse Hope to let the beautiful scents of Melissa, Juniper, and Black Spruce envelop you.

Helps reconnect with feelings of grounding and strength. Supporting the thoughts of hope for tomorrow. For a pick-me-up scent, massage a drop of Hope on the outside of each ear.


➕ 250 PV TIER (everything else listed below is also included)

Thieves essential oil blend (5 ml): Immune system power house! Thieves ALL the things! Want to know the trick to my family's wellness over the winter months? Thieves. Diffuse daily. Put on bottoms of the feet. This blend might be Young Living's most well known blend. One of our oils from the starter kit, you can’t have enough Thieves if you ask us.

Embrace fall fever. Savor the small things like golden leaves, spiced cider, and the warm aroma of Thieves.

Clean with a cozy scent. Add a few drops of Thieves to natural cleaning solutions.


➕ 190 PV TIER (everything else listed below is also included)

Abundance essential oil blend (5 ml): Do you ever struggle with feelings of not being and not having enough Maybe in your role as spouse or parent, in your finances, or in your business pursuits? Abundance is your intentional pursuit of seeing new truth about your life.

Power up your life! This blend’s bold aroma inspires you to seize your vision.
Touch your heart. Apply Abundance—diluted at a 1:1 ratio—to your chest.


*ER Exclusive*

Lavender Lip Balm: Soothes dry lips, harnessing the power of Lavender essential oil and the moisturizing properties of jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Introduce a friend to essential oils. Make the unfamiliar familiar to your loved ones by gifting them Lavender-infused lip balm.

Winter-proof your lips. Glide on this soothing balm to nourish and protect your smile.

*ER Exclusive*

Joy essential oil blend (5ml): This oil is a powerhouse when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

This one we love to diffuse to literally change the emotional atmosphere in the room.
It is known as an oil that helps connect mind/body/ and soul and can pull us out of grief . It is a big heart opening oil and often the holidays can stir up a lot of emotions for people. Babies, toddlers and newborns crave this oil. It's perfect for those big emotions that they can't verbalized and is a beautiful bonding oil. Nursing mamas love to run a couple drop on their nursing bras or apply straps of the car seat for comfort. Great for mama's hormones, too.

Boost spirits. Apply a drop or two of Joy to a friend’s wrist for an uplifting scent.
Create a happy home atmosphere. Diffuse this blend for a cheery floral fragrance.

➕ 100 PV TIER

*ER Exclusive*

10 Essential Rewards points: Another wonderful fall single that we have to talk about as a vitality oil because it is an adrenal support powerhouse! Around the holidays our adrenals can get taxed with later evenings, more sugar in the diet and added stress — place a drop under your tongue or swap a drop in the inside of your cheek and thank us later. This will give you some added energy for the day too. Also supports the production of melatonin, the hormone of SLEEP! Good sleep = a supported immune system!