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Thieves Hand Sanitizer

We absolutely love Thieves Hand Sanitizer. This waterless hand sanitizer is gentle on hands, but tough on germs—killing 99.99 percent! Perfect for on-the-go, Young Living’s exclusive formula is infused with soothing aloe vera gel and the cleansing properties of 100% pure Thieves and Peppermint essential oils. This is the only sanitizer on the market that you’ll find without drying effects, so you can sanitize your hands frequently without the cracking and burning we know all too well. The CDC recommends using a sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol, or denatured alcohol, to effectively kill germs. Denatured alcohol has chemical additives to make it unfit for human consumption so it won’t be classified as a drinking alcohol. Usually alcohol is denatured with methanol, a chemical solvent that is toxic, can kill if you ingest it, and is classified as a skin irritant. Maybe not the best choice for a hand sanitizer? Except, we need the alcohol in a sanitizer to dissolve the outer cell membrane of viruses and bacteria and kill them on contact. So, how do you include alcohol as a disinfecting ingredient without rendering it toxic? Young Living uses alcohol denatured with pure peppermint oil — so you can rest assured that your hand sanitizer is effective without the harsh chemicals. Young Living’s Thieves Spray is also alcohol-based and denatured with Cinnamon oil. Seed to Seal backs every ingredient in every Young Living product so you can rest assured that you’re always getting the best. Tip: We recommend getting the 7.6 oz. Thieves Hand Sanitizer bottle and using it to easily refill the 1 oz. travel bottles! Young Living is working diligently to get these products back in stock. Check your Virtual Office regularly or follow along in our community group for in stock notifications!

Update from Young Living corporate as of April 3, 2020:

As we continue to work around the clock to fulfill the high demand of our Thieves inventory we wanted to let you know that at 4:00 PM MST today we will be turning our 7.6 oz Thieves Hand Sanitizer back on per your request. *Please note that we have allocated inventory for backordered items and the remaining inventory is what will be for sale. This item will be for QUICK ORDER ONLY and will have a limit of 2 per order. We do expect to see the inventory move quickly, however we wanted to help as many people as possible to get Thieves back in their hands. Beginning Monday, April 6, 2020, we will start with a Monday, Wednesday, Friday cadence of turning on inventory that we have available. This does mean that inventory will sell out quickly and items will go in and out of stock often. Items will show Back In Stock between 12PM and 1 PM MST on each of those respective days. Again, we have made this decision in hopes of better supporting more of you with the products you need. We hope you continue to stay safe and sound at home with your families while sharing everything you love about Young Living.

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