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Essential Oil Necessities for Your Car & First Aid Kit

The other day, we were away from home when my son fell and scraped his knee. I grabbed the first aid kit in my car (a freebie I had received somewhere a long time ago), and realized it was low on supplies and missing the oily comforts we use at home for relief … I had also left my purse at home so we didn’t have any of the oils we usually turn to for on-the-go mishaps.

Don’t be caught unprepared as you travel this summer, even if it’s just to the playground! We came home and immediately restocked our car and first aid kit with supplies and our oil favorites, so we’ll be prepared for all the summer woes whether we’re on the road or at the park. To create your own oily Car & First Aid Kit, grab a tote or bag to store everything in, keeping everything in one place makes calming the kids and taking care of mishaps a cinch … and restocking supplies easy. Here’s what you need:

  • Tote or Bag — to store everything in one place. We love these adorable mini kits if you're going for a super simple kit.

  • Bandages of all sizes — a stocked kit will have some, but fun patterns like these can make boo boos so much better. We also really love these earth-friendly bandages.

  • KidScents Owie — Pop a roller top right on the bottle. Already diluted for kids, this one is perfect to roll right on.

  • KidScents TummyGize — Kids + car rides can sometimes leave the littles feeling queasy. We keep TummyGize with a roller top on it or a DIY Motion Roller on hand for quick application right on the belly.

  • Young Living Seedlings Wipes — Even if you don’t have little babies, wipes are a life-necessity. Perfect for quick clean ups, sticky messes, and the routine car clean up these gentle, Lavender-infused wipes are perfect for just about every sticky situation.

  • Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer — This one can be in your first aid kit, but we keep it right in our center console for easy access! Keep everyone’s hands clean with this gentle, yet effective sanitizer without the harsh chemicals.

  • Sick bag — If you forget the TummyGize or there’s just no avoiding it, keep a few sick bags on hand in your console or first aid kit and make sure they’re easy to access.

  • Extra clothes — Spills, accidents, dirt, and the like are just part of life with kids. Store an extra set of clothes in your trunk or back seat for when life gets extra messy or your kids just couldn’t pass up the creek.

  • $20 bill — Forget your wallet? Stash some cash in your first aid kit so you always have something to fall back on whether it’s food, gas, tolls, etc.

So tell us, are you always prepared and already have a stocked kid car or is this something on your to-do list? What kid-necessities do you keep in your car?


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